Today results easier find a specialized art school wherever you are and it is no longer a problem to find information about the requirements in every art school to follow an art career professionally.

Maybe for many time you were looking for a website that resolves all your questions about art career, where to study and what kind of art education is the most appropriate in order to enhance your own skills; what are the top ranked art schools, in fact many other questions can be rounding your mind.

For that we want to give you the warmest welcome to this art schools website organized by country and city, here you can find the process for an art school admission, the most detailed list of art careers widely explained, and also you can read preview information about how to choose an art school, the most complete information of art programs and art degrees as well as tips to get job opportunities and other no less important art resources as art organizations and art glossary that will be necessary as an artist.


A guide to art programs, choose the best career for you, and develop your artistic skills.
Music in art schools
Photography in art schools


It prepares students for a career in music industry, so students acquire skills to be competitive in work in groups and project management.


It includes technical training in composition and design of different levels and types of photography to work in different places and environments.
Painting in art schools
Sculpture in art schools


It includes courses about basic principles of art, besides students learn drawing skills, color and design to express ideas and feelings.


It includes courses to develop abilities to create handmade works with different type of materials such as clay, stone, wood, and others.


Enhance your artistic talent taking advantage of the educational resources in the art field.
Art Education
Bachelor of Arts

Art Education

A innate talent is not enough to get an art career, that is why a proper art education creates better opportunities to students.

Bachelor of Arts

It promotes the artistic skills of students by combining programs and requirements to get a high level of competence.
Master of Arts
Art Jobs

Master of Arts

It offers students good career options through programs that provide high level of technical abilitites in different fields of art.

Art Jobs

Get information about art jobs and resources. Know the general and reliable vision of job opportunities for art careers.

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