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University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Department of Art)

The Department of Art at UNLV has a rich tradition. Many of our graduates have gone to a make a significant impact on the contemporary art world. The undergraduate degree offers a number of options including the areas of painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, graphic design, art history, and photography. Students may select to enroll either in our Bachelor of Arts degree program or may apply for the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Studio space is provided for students in the BFA program.

The MFA program at UNLV offers students the opportunity to study with our nationally-known faculty. Graduate assistantships and individual studios are available for students accepted into the program.

The visiting artists lecture series and artist-in-residence programs have attracted internationally-known artists to Las Vegas to share their artistic experiences with our students, faculty, and community.

Las Vegas, the city of neon, offers students a unique visual culture. The desert urban environment in Vegas is both awe inspiring and a great location for aspiring artists.



The Ceramics Department at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is directed by Mark Burns. The Ceramics area philosophy is far-reaching, and embraces all aspects of the medium. From traditional aspects such as pottery, to contemporary attitudes concerning sculpture, the department strives to allow each student their own expression. Our classes are technique-oriented for the novice, since without technical knowledge there can be no progress. As each student gains ability and confidence in the handling of the material, they may begin to explore their own vision of the medium. The Ceramics department does not focus on one particular "way" of explaining clay and its purpose, but rather guides the student by challenging each individual to understand their own need to use ceramics as a means to an end.

Drawing / Painting

The Painting program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas enjoys a prominent role in a rapidly expanding art department. Its philosophical direction benefits from a professional faculty who, at varied stages in their own careers, are sensitive to and actively engaged in the diverse issues which characterize the art of our time. Overall, the program emphasizes a broad foundation in painting skills while avoiding a single predominant "style" or geographic influence. The curriculum is purposely structured to provide students with the opportunity to incorporate interdisciplinary approaches to their work. Our Painting faculty include Mary Warner and Jose Bellver.

Graphic Design

Offers the student training in the current methods and technology of graphic design, andemphasizes visual problem-solving within the context of professional graphic design practices.


The Photography area is co-directed by Catherine Angel and Pasha Rafat. Catherine's background encompasses all facets of large format black and white photography as well as fine art bookmaking. Pasha has worked extensively in mural size color photography and mixed media installation pieces. The Photography area embraces the departmental philosophy of extensive interdisciplinary studies. Within the area students are initially expected to achieve technical competency in both black and white and color photography while investigating conceptual concerns. As the student advances in the program they are guided individually to pursue particular issues that are pertinent to their own personal vision. Thus, no singular "technique" or "school of thought" is stressed but rather the student is challenged to focus on clarifying their needs and purposes for making images. The concern of the area is to not only train photographers within the broad technical realm, but to introduce and utilize photography as an indispensable tool for the contemporary visual artist.


The printmaking facilities at UNLV are excellent in the areas of lithography and intaglio, including an area for photo-generated processes. The printmaking department has one full-time faculty member with support faculty represented from other areas, each with strong printmaking backgrounds. For example, one of our photographers has an M.F.A. in printmaking with an emphasis in serigraphy. This provides students the opportunity to work with a variety of artists with strong interrelationships between areas.


The primary emphasis of the sculpture program is the development and enhancement of individual concepts. The philosophy of mixed mediums and the expansion of conceptual parameters of art are the aesthetic goals of the sculpture area. The sculpture area is supported by several well-equipped studios: a general studio housing a full complement of woodworking power machines, a separate tool room for pneumatic and electric power tools, a metal shop, a waxworking room, and an outdoor work/storage yard housing a foundry.

Art History

The Department of Art now offers a BA in Art History.

Studio instruction within the Department of Art is further augmented by art historians and critics who foster dialogue on our cultural heritage. Cirricular expansion is currently being implemented which will lead to a graduate degree (M.A.) in Art History for those students who wish to further their study in this discipline.

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