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Associate of Arts

Associate of Arts

An Associate of Arts (AA) is an undergraduate degree or an educational program offered by many community colleges or universities in Canada and United States which lasts two years and usually is made up of three parts: general education requirements, major requirements, and electives.

It is made up of 60 credit hours, and can be completed full-time or online, it's offered by most of the community colleges and at a wide range of specialties.


  • For General education the courses required include 36 credits minimum from among the five areas or the equivalent of a grade of "C"
    • Communication - 9 hours
    • Mathematics - 6-9 hours
    • Social Science - 6-9 hours
    • Humanities - 6-9 hours
    • Natural Sciences - 6-9 hours

  • 17 hours of elective courses (it could be architecture, archaeology, American Indian culture or women's studies)

  • But 48 to 60 credits hours are required to complete the degree.

  • Complete at least 6 term credits of International/Intercultural education

  • Complete the Gordon Rule requirement with a grade "C" at least

  • Pass the exit exam or achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
The credits you earn can be transferred to four-year institutions that offer full Bachelor degree or any university of your choice.

An associate in arts, likewise, is very useful as it is an excellent base for a wide range of degree programs and careers such as arts, humanities, literature, social sciences, languages, law, education, healthcare, accounting, business, management, etc.

A student graduated in an art associate degree can earn very respectable money in the labor market and even more so if they have outstanding skills, but employment opportunities and growth are most promising for professionals with a college education.