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Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts

This study program is an important option for students interested in guiding their profession to the studies they want, if you are interested in studying seriously the different art expressions such as painting or drawing this program will give you the opportunity to meet the knowledge related to them.

A Bachelor of Arts is a program that offers a broad liberal arts education by combining a concentration in one discipline or thematic area with requirements that ensure a broad selection of courses.

Through several opportunities for directed study as well as studio experience in each concentration, a student will work in order to reach a strong level of competence.

The objectives of the Bachelor Degree Program, are to provide the elements that help to learn the artistic profession, promote the research and experimentation related to the vocational and artistic interests of the students, it also provide an education of scientific, humanistic and art.

Students wishing to receive a Bachelor of Arts must complete 52 semester hours in art with 40 of those hours distributed in studio courses and 12 in history of art courses. The Major programs allow students to focus specifically on courses in one area of study.

During the first semesters, the students learn subjects of general knowledge, and then they choose a specific artistic area such as arts, dance, music, theater.