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Art Coursework

Art Coursework

An art coursework is usually based on several interesting topics related to different fields of arts, for example music, visual design, drawing, painting techniques, graphic design, just to name a few.

You must keep in mind that an Art Coursework is different from an Art Thesis, because an Art Thesis is focused at a Doctoral level. It is a work assigned to and done by a student during a course of study; generally it is evaluated as part of the student's grade in the course.

An art coursework could be approached in many forms because an student find numerous ways to express their feelings and ideas about Art, they must choose their own preferred mediums in order to do it.

Students must also consider writing using their own words, which doesn't mean to ignore or not consult secondary information sources.

You should not use words or ideas from other people. This job is not about rewriting something that was already written, it's about presenting original arguments which must be supported by descriptive and reliable evidence. Besides, try to organize your ideas logically, and try to give to the work a defined style.

Some things that you may take into account when you realize an art coursework:
  • The coursework must contain information only of the area that you choose for your essay.
  • Your work helps and assists students in research.
  • Support every statement with strong arguments that finally can support your entire essay.
  • The coursework should be an individual response to a theme and only focused on one area of study.
The assessment offer to a final coursework give a single mark out of 100 using the following criteria:
  • Personal qualities: 25 marks
  • Manipulative, artistic and Analytical skills: 25 marks
  • Aesthetic qualities: 25 marks
  • Knowledge and critical understanding: 25 marks