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Master of Arts

Master of Arts

A Master of Arts (MA) degree is a postgraduate academic master degree awarded by many universities and also has some variations within all the fields of arts. The MA degrees offer several career options, but as a student you must find a degree that best suits to your music career needs. Some of these degrees are listed below:
  • Master of Arts in Art Education (MAAE) is the most flexible degree and allow to educator get a specialization in one of several concentrations.

  • Master of Arts in Christian Education (MACE) is a seminar degree designed for those in the field of church ministry and last 2-3 years.

  • Master of Arts in Cross-Cultural and International Education (MACIE) prepare educators in the internationalization of schools being effective leaders.

  • Master of Arts in Fine arts comprises creative field of study such as theatre arts, creative writing or studio art. It last 2-3 years.

  • Master of Arts in Theology has a little difference with the MACE.

  • Master of Arts in Business Communication.

  • Master of Arts in History gives the opportunity to become in teacher, historian, and researcher or museum curators.

  • Master of Arts in Historic Preservation.

  • Master of Arts in Humanities requires 2 years in an accredited college.

  • Master of Arts in Psychology.

  • Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT).

  • Master of Arts in Management (MAM).

  • Master of Arts in International Hotel Management (MAIHM).

  • Master of Arts in Music Education (MAMuEd).

  • Master of Arts in Public Service (MAPS).
The requirements for each of one degree vary from university to university and also from country to country. But consider that students will engage in an immersive artistic and academic experience to rekindle their personal relationship with the art and finally translate into their professional live.

The MA degree in Art Education provides artistic and educational instruction that helps to reach the best classroom pedagogy; maybe the MA AE program was the best choose to continue your career line in the arts.

Generally as an art student you must choose a program that is related with your major and consider the degree to which you would like to employ the specialist knowledge gained through your educative experience. These programs help to get high level of technical ability alongside general skills and helpful for people who desire to work with schools, hospitals, churches just to name a few.

Several educational institutions offer Master programs, they usually consume time, money and energy; however the benefits are much outweigh than risks. Definitely, a student who has acquired these degrees is constantly being hunted by employers and he has the probability of having a better salary.