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Art School Admission

Art School Admission

The main objective of an art school admissions process is to gauge the student's potential for success by investigating his or her academic work as well as individual talent.

This criteria as well as admissions requirements vary dramatically from school to school, for example some schools requires no portfolio, while others consider that a portfolio is the most important factor. Try to be careful on these topics and make a careful research into each school's application procedures.

Most of the programs weigh their selection criteria in different ways, the process usually consists of these elements:


Some schools only conduct interviews after the preliminary selection and they consider them an important factor in narrowing down the incoming class. The interviews can be an all-day event, and their main objective is to judge both individual students and the quality of student's work when evaluated in person.

Other schools recommend but don't require admission interviews; its alumni interviews help to inform the applicant about the school and also help to learn more about the applicant's, their personalities as well as their interests.

Academic Transcripts

Official transcripts from high school and/or previous undergraduate study are always necessary. Transcripts should either be furnished along with other application materials or supplied firsthand by the schools themselves. A GPA of 2.75 or 3.0 is a common minimum requirement, but some programs are flexible in their admissions standards.

References/Letters of Recommendation

Most programs could require two or three letters of recommendation, preferably from previous instructors. A program, usually, require references in order to testify your artistic and personal abilities. These requirements can be difficult to obtain for applicants because most of them have been out of school for long time.

Some schools prefer to receive a good letter of recommendation that verify the student's ability to demonstrate their skills. So, for some schools, recent letters from employers or coworkers are therefore preferable to letters than those of actual art instructors who may no longer remember the applicant well.


A typical admissions essay or statement of purpose ranges from 250 to 1000 words or two pages of writing. You can find more information and exact specifications about spacing, font, and general presentation are often listed on its website or application.

An essay commonly describes some aspects about the applicant's interest in arts or in the program which he or she is applying. Some graduate programs require applicants to provide a piece of artwork and a statement about his or her artistic sensibilities.


Several art schools consider that a student's portfolio is the single and the most important factor in the admissions process.

A portfolio, usually consists of either 35mm slides or a collection of images recorded on a CD or DVD, however every program has its own specific portfolio requirements for art format and composition, but it's rare for the applications process to require an applicant's physical portfolio.

Some schools require about twenty pieces of recent works from within the past one or two years, and they will frecuently they require works in the medium to which the student is applying.