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Art Job Resume

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Things are tough in the job market, but there are some truly creative ways to break into many fields. While those with art degrees have been bemoaning, as of late, how there is little available in their field the art industry is booming. A job seeker simple must realize that the art world is neatly tucked into almost every facet of business. Finding an art job in any sector, however, begins with having a complete resume and getting a bit creative with where you apply.

The Right Resume Can Lead to the Perfect Arts Job

Art resumes are not like a traditional resume. While the business world likes to see experience in an office environment, art related positions prefer to see a proven track record of completed work. In most cases, a portfolio should accompany an art resume. Many art school graduates have a hard time landing a job because they don't know how important a properly formatted resume is. Believe it or not, many employers will reject a candidate simply based on a poorly constructed resume. Using an art resume sample can help you create a positive first impression and garner you an interview. Finding art job resume examples is relatively easy, too. There are many excellent websites just waiting to help you find a resume template to fir your needs.

Choosing the Right Resume

There are many different media and arts resume examples floating around the web. Each of them is focused towards different art avenues. Before you pick a template, consider the jobs you plan to apply for and look for templates directed towards that industry. For example, some resumes will be focused on marketing and advertising sectors; other resumes may focus on game development or more creative fields. You may create multiple resumes using different templates if you plan on applying to multiple sectors.

Choosing the right resume is necessary because there are industry standards to consider. The template of a resume will depend on the industry, not necessarily the position you are seeking. Formatting your resume in a style that is acceptable within the industry or business sector is an excellent way to look professional from the start.

Tips for Landing an Art Job

Do not be afraid to spread out and look in sectors you had not previously consider. Simply put, the art world is much bigger than just having your work exhibited at a gallery. Sure, a fine artist might prefer that route, but it does not happen for many artists and it pays the bills for even fewer. Fine artists are needed in game development companies, in marketing firms and advertising houses across the country. Artists are also employed by book publishers, and theatre companies. Simply put do not be afraid to branch out.

Put your work online. If you have several significant piece of art, but you do not know how to display them consider going digital. There are plenty of art resume examples that leave room for a web address. Consider building a website to display your work. Consider the website your digital calling card or portfolio. It is the best way to show potential employers what you can do.

Follow a resume template. Sure, you are an artist, but resumes are a pretty cut and dry. When a recruiter or an employer looks at a resume they want to garner information quickly. Follow an art resume example for formatting. It is the best way to approach employers in an organized and uniform manner.