Becoming an Artist

Becoming an Artist

Fine artists are those who paint, draw or sculpt. They usually sell their works to collectors and museums mainly, they also create illustrations for books and other kind of publications.

Crafters are the people who make handicraft, these pieces of craftwork, for example pottery, quilts, stained glass, woven works, baskets, etc. are sold at shows, fairs and shops. Art directors choose art and layouts for printed and digital materials. On the other hand, people who create animations and storyboard either by hand or with computers are called multimedia artists.

How to be an artist?

Try to make art just because you enjoys doing it. Most people engaged in this industry don't have very favorable economic conditions, so you must practice enough to achieve your success in this industry, on the other hand, try to always have a portfolio of your best works.
  • Enroll in an art program.- Study art, most people who succeeded in this industry developed their skills, technical and professional contacts while studying in a university program.

  • Choose a specialty.- You should choose a special field that you like in art, within these, there are subjects that require more or less effort, among these available specialties we can mention: Fine painting, sculpture, teaching, illustration, cartooning, sketch artistry, restoring old art, airbrushing pictures on cars or motorcycles, making souvenir country pottery, designing billboards and making movies.

  • Consider pursuing an advanced degree.- Some art careers require an advanced degree, for example museum art director, where one needs a graduate degree in curating, other example is art history or other art-related subject and medical illustrator, they often require a master's degree in medical illustration.

  • Be Persistent.- Be as persistent as you can, sometimes success can be long in coming, work with courage and persistence in their objectives. Remember to show always only your best works.